Student's Conversation in Smart School Course

Student's Conversation in Smart School Course

1. Visited Trawangan on Holiday Small     : do you have any plans for this weekend First? First       : I am not sur. But


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1. Visited Trawangan on Holiday

Small     : do you have any plans for this weekend First?

First       : I am not sur. But Ready invite me to visit Tawangan Island.

Small     : nice weekend’s plan. By the way when will you go?

First       : Sunday morning in this week.

Small     : Have you visit Trawangan before?

First       : I never. How about you?

Small     : ya I was, on last June. I spent three days at Trawangan with my girl friend.

First       : Sure? Can you tell me detail about like what Trawangan scene?

Small     : with my pleasure dear! Trawangan is the most beautiful place in Lombok. The beautiful beach, seashore, and ocean which lay down makes that island famous on the world.

First       : what did you do when you at Trawangan?

Small     : I walked around land in the morning. Diving after then play football on the sand with my friend.

First       : How do you feel when you are in Trawangan?

Small     : I am really happy cause Trawangan likes Europe. I found new scene of nature with the beautiful ocean, sun and the panoramas. I also makes an acquaintance with England, Spain, French, Italian and other visitor when I take walk around island.

First       : What did you do before you leaving Trawangan at that time?

Small     : I bought shirt and traditional clothes.

Fist         : Nice holiday that you was toke buddy. I hope I can visit Trawangan and make new experience on that time.

Small     : well First, I think I should leave you because I wanna play foot ball. My friends were waiting for me.

First       : Ok Small. Thanks for your time to tell me about your holiday time.

Small     : It’s no matter buddy.


2. Where You are Going to?

Suci        : Hello guys how do you do?

Agus      : I am very good. Anyway, who are you?

Suci        : Sorry! I am Suci from Lenggorong. By the way, where will you go?

Agus      : I will go to Pusuk Sembalun. I hear Pusuk has new pace and building. I will take a beautiful part of Sembalun there and enjoying the good atmosphere on that place.

Suci        : So far in conversation, I don’t take your name. May I know your name?

Agus      : let me introduce myself. My name is Agus Syahputra. You can call me Agus.

Suci        : Well Agus, where do you come from?

Agus      : I came from Timuk Aik.

Suci        : Timuk Aik, what do you mean?


Baca Juga :

Agus      : Exactly Kokok Putik I mean.

Suci        : Why you change your village names?

Agus      : My place exactly eastern of Kokok Putik river so that I replays the names into Timuk Aik.

Suci        : I see. Do you leave with your family there?

Agus      : basically, Kokok Putik is not my homeland. I leave with my Father and Mother in my homeland. But at Kokok Putik, I leave with my Uncle and my brother. I am a student and also my brother. My uncle was a teacher.

Suci        : how about your father and mother?

Agus      : My father is a worker in Malaysia, he is looking money to finish my school and my brother. Then my mother was stay at Batam Tanjung Pinang. She is a housewife.

Suci        : How long they were leaved you and your brother?

Agus      : It is about five years till now.

Suci        : I am sorry to hear that bro. by the way, where do you go to school?

Agus      : I am a Vocational student of Kokok Putik and my brother is a student of MTs. Maraqitta’limat Lenggorong. Anyway, where do you go to school?

Suci        : I go to SMK NW Bayan. I am second class now, next year I will got training. Agus, I am proud with your English skill.

Agus      : sure?

Suci        : I am sure. You have good English and fluently enough to speak. Where did you take study so that you are awesome enough?

Agus      : I just join a course. I join at Smart School Course.

Suci        : Is that fact?

Agus      : I am sure. But don’t praise me like that. My English need improving and still far from fluently.

Suci        : Smart School Course I hear, where was the course activity?

Agus      : At MTs. Maraqitta’limat Lenggorong. Do you know?

Suci        : oh ya, I see Agus. Who is the teacher of that course?

Agus      : He is Sahlim or we often call him Sorrow Man. Do you know him?

Suci        : No, I am not. How was he look like, if you wanna tell me then probably I have make eyes with him?

Agus      : He is anger man but he is handsome enough, friendly and kind one.

Suci        : Thanks Agus for your time. Mmmm may I join with you to visit Pusuk Sembalun, I am anxious with the new building of Pusuk which you told me before.

Agus      : With my pleasure Suci.

Suci        : Let’s go Agus!

Agus      : Let’s!!!

_by; Calliem Sanir

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